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The Weatherbug Command Line Client is a simple application that was designed to allow me to integrate remote rain sensor information into my home control system. It is intended to be run as a command line utility with its console output redirected to a file that the home control system picks up. This enables the home control system to prevent the lawn sprinkler system from running when it's been raining.

It also serves as an example of using the Windows Web Services framework from a C++ client.


WeatherBug [Element] [-d] [-a:<ACode>]
           [[-s:<StationID>] | [-l:<lat>,<long>]] [-?]
  Element - The name of the weather element to retrieve.
            Use -d see available elements.
            The default element is Temperature.
  -a - Override the compiled in WeatherBug developer license key (ACode).
       The default ACode is A5473807782.
  -s - The WeatherBug station identifier to get the weather from.
       Default StationID is BLLVV (Phantom Lake Middleschool).
  -l - Get the data from the weather station nearest to the location specified.
  -d - Dump all data.

A developer ID is Required to build

The source code here does not include my WeatherBug developer ID (ACode). The compiled version in downloads does.

If you want to build this project you will need to get an ACode from here:

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